Sunday 140420

Remember if you go numb stop!!!

Sunday 140420

Mobility WOD

1. Barbell with or without Lax Ball into Shoulder with Flossing 2 minutes each side

-Home alternative press golf ball into top of the shoulder and move arm back and forth

2. Lat Stretch with PVC 10 reps approx 2 minutes

- Kneel with elbows on bench or couch, with pvc/broom hands shoulder width apart. Tight midline and keep in line sit back into heels as curl the bar back over head. This is a slow stretch and should take approx 20 seconds each rep.

3. Couch Stretch 2 minutes each side

4. High Hamstring Lax Ball 2 min each side

5. Pigeon Stretch Hold each side for 10 seconds then switch do this for 2 minutes

6. Calf Lax Ball 2 minutes each side

-place the lax ball under the calf take the other leg and place on top of the leg with lax ball under to create added pressure. Find the tough points and stay there until there is a change. 


Total Time: 20 minutes

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Weekend Schedule Update
Update to the weekend schedule...Coach Liz will be at the gym from 8:30-9:30am THIS Sunday (4/20) for Open Gym, come work on form, mobility or crush a WOD!!!...view more
*** No Oly Class Tonight / Open Gym instead ***
Coach Jason is out sick tonight. Instead of Oly class at 6:30pm we will be having regular Open Gym time. Jason will continue the Olympic Lifting series next Friday. You are more than welcome to come in and Olympic Lift tonight as well.  ...view more