It will run for 5 weeks.

This program is for ages 4-10. We are breaking the ages into two groups.

4-6 will be at 3:30pm-4:00pm and will be $75
7-10 will be at 4:00pm-4:45pm and will be $100


We have only 12 spots available for each class.


For more information please email Coach


Register for Kids 7-10
 The beautiful thing about Crossfit is whether you are 80 or 8 you can do it! This class will help your children better understand how to move their bodies in a safe way, increase their endurance levels and foster good sportsmanship inside and outside of this Crossfit community. They will experience for themselves all of the reasons so many love this amazing sport!
Class Structure - What we do
Mat Chat - We will have a small discussions on a selected topic. We focus on goal setting and teaching them the overall message of Crossfit: 
Goal Setting -  We like to have the children think about their specific goals and things they would like to work on. We write these goals down and help them achieve them!
The Crossfit Culture - It is important to me that they know Crossfit is not just about fitness but it is also about building a supportive community within. I want them to learn to support, help, cheer, and really motivate each other when things get hard. There is a lot of fist pumping and high 5s! 
Movement - We have a special movement of the week - example - Squats and Broad/Tuck Jumps. I give cues to help them find where their bodies should be throughout the movement. "butterfly fingers, back pockets to your knees". Ask them to show you! We help slow their bodies down and have them focusing on proper form. On day 1 I let them move on their own and have fun. I use this time to assess areas for improvement, range of motion and endurance thresholds. 
Warm Up - This is a time for the kids to get warm, get moving, and shake off any cob webs from sitting at their desks all day. I like to make this a game while sneaking in the movement of the week, and most importantly see how they respond to cues. I also get them moving side to side and backwards which they don't often get the chance to do.
Skill Work - We put our movements of the week to work! We work together as  class on the movements. We reinforce things we talked about in the initial white board discussion. We use these movements in a dynamic way and let the kids have fun with it.
WOD - This will be very similar to what you experience in your own class, varied, functional movements across a span of time or rounds. We use a lot of stations to keep kids moving and engaged. This is a great time for the kids to cut loose and put everything into action. They love cheering each other on and really pushing themselves. We provide clappers off to the side so the kids who finish first are able to grab a clapper and can cheer on their friends as they work through the exercises!
Our biggest goal is that the kids have fun!!! We want them to be excited each week to come back and learn about fitness through play.