Couch to 5k and beyond
Time to go outside!

Springtime is more than a calendar change: it’s a release. We can go outside without all the heavy clothing, and even the sun feels lighter on our face. NOW, at this moment of inspiration, is the best time to start a journey into fitness.

Mountain Strength coaches provide two things: inspiration (through example and accountability) and education (we teach something new at every class.) Our Couch to 5k running group delivers both. Get ready for ANY race or simple personal time trial, or enjoy our favorite, the Ragnar Trail Relay.

Our Couch to 5k group is coached: you’ll learn safe running technique; exercises to build your “cardio” without just packing on miles; optimal recovery and mobility moves; and how to track your progress.

Like all groups at Mountain Strength, this is far more than a “show up and run with other people” program. And like all Mountain Strength groups, this will sell out.

Price: $80 for 6 weeks, limited to 20 athletes
Time: Wednesdays 6am beginning April 19th @ McCall Middle school Track

Coach: Paul Marquis

6 full hours of coaching on safe and efficient running drills, cadence, pacing, and technique

Weekend group runs
3 weekly homework workouts based on your race distance