Contact us and set up a time to meet a coach, talk about your goals and check out our facility! We call this our "No Sweat" Intro.  Or if you do want to sweat, come and try us out, we offer FREE trial sessions every Thursday for any class! Just email to get your space.


Our No Sweat Intro is a great way to start. You can pick a time that works for you and come talk to us about your goals. We always look forward to helping first.




Ready to jump right in? If you have experience in CrossFit sign up for our Base Camp Test Out. Upon passing you will be able to join in the regular CrossFit classes right away.




Visiting family in the area? Traveling for work? Just want to compare how we do CrossFit? If you have experience in CrossFit sign up for a drop in. We would be happy to have you in our regular class. You can reserve a drop in class here. We just ask that you have done at least 6 months of CrossFit at another CrossFit Affiliated Gym. We're always happy to see people crushing it on their own. But our coaches have trained eyes and make sure everyone in class is moving safely. We want to make sure our regular members are getting the most out their class too.


One quick note….. If you think CrossFit is too intense and not for you, please come in and give it a try. All of our workouts can be scaled for ANY individual!