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Mountain Strength is different in a few ways:

We start each class with a coach led joint and dynamic warm up.

We want to make sure that you are warmed up and ready to go.

We are an education based gym, that means we like to teach and explain the how and why of everything we do.

We are a small, welcoming, and supportive community that loves to meet new people.

We meet you where you are at health and fitness wise. All of our group classes have progressions and scalings built into the class programming. 


Mountain Strength CrossFit was founded in June 2008 as an outdoor Fitness Boot Camp company, Mountain Strength Fitness.

We were officially accepted as a CrossFit affiliate 11/04/2010.

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A mountain is defined as:

"A natural elevation of the earth surface rising more or less abruptly from the surrounding level and attaining an altitude which, relatively to the adjacent elevation, is impressive or notable."

Strength is defined as:

“The quality or state of being strong; Mental, bodily or muscular power”

Mountain Strength can be defined as:

“A natural elevation of the quality or state of being strong from the surrounding levels that is impressive or notable.”

“The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better the view from the finishing line.”


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